Best Wine Insider Websites for the Best Wine Information

Best Wine Insider Websites for the Best Wine Information

Every wine enthusiast should know where to look for information in order to stay up to date with the latest news belonging to the wine industry. Because we live in an era where technology is very well developed, the best wine insiders can be found online.

And no, it is not difficult to find a wine blog out there or a website that treats this subject, as there are many specialists in this field that are more than willing to share their experiences and knowledge. So, whether you are looking to catch the pulse of the industry, find out more about wine releases and events, or even start a business in this industry, this is where you will find the more valuable information.

Interested in knowing which the best wine insiders are on the Internet? We found some of the most popular and appreciated of them, although there are many more blogs available on this topic that can provide great information.

  • Vinography

Wherever you will look, you will see Vinography as the number one, or at least occupying the first positions, on lists of wine insiders across the Internet. This due to the fact that the high-tech consultant and wine enthusiast Alder Yarrow provides some of the freshest, interesting, and comprehensive information from the wine industry on his blog.

He believes that blogging is much better for him than spending his spare time to watch TV. And the truth is that he does this very well. Besides wine-related information, you will also find restaurant reviews on his blog.

  • The Wine Importer

This particular blog is managed by a wine important, in the person of Joe Dressner, which focuses in finding special wines produced by small vineyards, instead of importing mass-produced wines, like so many others are doing. So, reading his blog posts means accessing the knowledge of a man that has a lot of wisdom to share in this domain.

If it comes to wine blogs with a sophisticated language, this is one of those wine insiders that inspire high class through the used writing style and chosen words.

  • DrVino

Believe it or not, the creator and manager of this blog is actually a doctor in wine, as Tyler Colman is the possessor of a doctorate in wine industries within Northwestern University. After being a teacher of political sciences for 2 years, he decided that writing and educating people about wine is a much better career option for him. Thus, he does this as a full-time job these days.


This is one of the best wine insiders if you want to make wine traveling part of your life experiences. Jamie Goode, who also writes for several wine magazines besides his own blog, will give you all the details you need about wine tasting, winemakers, and where you can travel to find delicious wine. If you are a novice in this sector, you may find his casual style easier to digest.

  • WineTerroirs

This is a wine blog that focuses mostly on wine tasting on the territory of France, as Bertrand Celce, a professional photographer, travels around the country in search for the most interesting wines.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the blog is all about French wines. For example, Bertrand wrote about a Japanese wine important that started making wine in France, so there is interesting news to be found on this particular blog.

Vaping Wine

Vaping Wine

Most people enjoy a glass of good wine, but what if you vape your wine next time instead of drinking it? Believe it or not, but vaping became quite a trends when it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages. What are the effects of vaping wine or any other alcoholic beverage? Well, considering that you inhale the alcoholic drink instead of ingesting it, the result is that you’ll feel its buzz faster than when having a drink.

Of course, there are also vaping cartridges manufacturers that offer products with the flavors of certain beverages, without the buzz involved. In other words, you can order a nicotine cartridge for your e-cigarette that can taste like your favorite wine, for example. So, if you don’t feel like getting buzzed from alcohol, you can at least feel the favor of your favorite drink when vaping.

How does wine vaping work? Instead of drinking the wine, you actually use a straw to inhale it. There are special bottles for this process, so don’t try inhaling your best wine from a regular bottle and with a regular straw, as you will just harm yourself. The bottle will make the wine inside generate alcohol vapors, which can be them inhaled with the help of a straw inserted in the bottle.

But, do be gentle with the inhaled vapors, as they will hit your bloodstream in a matter of seconds. So, if you need a glass or two of wine to feel some buzz, when you are vaping wine you will feel the buzz immediately. It is true that this buzz won’t be felt for too long, but all you need is get some more vapors from the bottle and you’ll be right back to the buzzed state.

Those that tried vaping wine or any other alcoholic beverage say that the provided buzz is quite pleasant. It is not the same as the one you get when drinking wine. You see, when we drink, we ingest a rather large amount of alcohol because it takes a while for it to travel through our entire system until we get to feel the buzz. It has to reach the stomach, pass through the intestines, get absorbed, and then enter our bloodstream.

So, when we do start feeling the buzz, we might have drunk a considerable amount of alcohol, which can give us a hangover the next day. The buzz provided by vaping the beverage, on the other hand, is somewhat similar to vaping cannabis. Although, the buzz offered by alcohol, in this case, will not last for too long, just a minute or so, while a cannabis-generated buzz can last for hours.

Isn’t it dangerous to inhale alcohol vapors? The truth is that there are a very small number of studies on this aspect. While it is true that inhaling alcohol is very differing from drinking it, no one knows exactly what are the risks involved by vaping alcohol.

One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that absorption kinetics will take place at a faster rate when vaping. In other words, alcohol will be much faster absorbed into the organism when it is inhaled in the form of vapors. So, it is worth paying attention to how much and how often we choose to vape alcohol.

Why You Need Wine Marketing Consultant Services

Why You Need Wine Marketing Consultant Services

The global wine industry is rapidly changing; just like the taste of wine, it’s not static. There’s a high level of fluidity to how business is done in the industry. Wine marketing consultancy can, however, be in myriads of forms. Right from the vineyards to the bar, a wine marketing consultant can be of immense use to you and your business. Wine marketing consultants offer a higher efficiency to your business. Forging ahead in your wine business without the expertise of a marketing consultant will eventually cost you time and effort.

A wine marketing consultant will turn visitors into loyal customers. This will consistently lead to an increase in sales. In recent times, wine marketing consultants are leveraging on the power of digital marketing and this coupled with their experience and network will immensely benefit your business. This is to ensure you get found in local searches when wine related keywords are inputted into the search engine. As a wine-related business, you’ll have more customers coming in through your done if digital marketing is implemented by a wine marketing consultant.

One other marketing option that has always worked in the wine industry is positioning a greeter at the entrance. For instance, as a restaurant with a good stock of wine, your other staffs will be more concerned about the dishes on the menu. However, a wine marketing consultant will supply and train a greeter who will be persuasive enough to make anyone ask for a glass of wine. If it’s a wine tasting event, a wine marketing consultant will also advise on how to hire a person with a nice smile, using a name tag and a good knowledge of the wine industry.

Most importantly, a wine marketing consultant is skilled in customer service and can help train your staffs on wine etiquettes. As a wine business, you must be able to deliver top notch customer service all year round. It’s not enough to have lovely wine on offer, how your business is perceived by your customers will determine the leads you generate. A great customer service culture is essential for your business; it’s a philosophy that must be embedded at the core of your business. When you have well-trained staff, they will deliver their duties as professionals, and this will convert to more sales for your business.

Promoting your wine business on social media is another marketing strategy to employ in excelling in your business. There’s Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. Start with a fan page on Facebook, use it to remind and publicize your upcoming events. With Youtube and Instagram, you can also showcase whatever you have on offer using videos. Twitter is another popular option that is gaining relevancy among wine businesses.

You don’t have to do all of the above. It’s better to hire a wine marketing consultant to help you streamline your marketing needs. A wine marketing consultant may be able to teach you what you need to do, but they do it best.

5 Best Etsy Wine Jewelry To Add To Your Accessories

5 Best Etsy Wine Jewelry To Add To Your Accessories

Nothing can change the mind of a wine lover, especially when it comes to wine colored jewelry. There’s something divine and unique about wine etsy jewelry. Not everyone knows this, only those who sees the beauty in wine.

A love of red wine or just the color, there’s a unique way to describe your love for either of the who. Red wine theme etsy jewelry that are specially handmade to blow your mind. Which is why you’ll be exposed to the beauty of wine etsy jewelry as you read ahead.

1. Bridesmaid Merlot Wine Berry Earring

Preparing for a wedding? Or may be you are bridesmaid? Don’t tell me the color code is wine! If it is, then you just found an earring that is specially handmade for a bridesmaid.

There are few words that should be used in describing this wine etsy jewelry; sparkly, beautiful and sophisticated. Your wedding outfit isn’t complete without having this swarovski cut in your accessories line up.

They will be perfect for your bridesmaid dress, be sure of that. You’ll be the bridesmaid of the year with this wine earring.

2. Wine Charm Bracelet Bangle

You think bangles are out of vogue? Wait until you have this beautiful round your wrist. You must have that special person who adores the taste of wine and appreciate beautiful etsy jewelry, this is the perfect gift for her.

It’ll appear personalized for the special person. Whatever makes wine enjoyable is part of the details of this bracelet. It is carefully put together to have a long lasting impression on whoever is lucky to have it.

You can adjust the bracelet to your size as it is a handmade etsy jewelry that has become a darling of jewelry lovers.

3. Wine Pearl Bridal Necklace

Already gotten a wine inspired earrings and bracelets? Complete the look with a wine colored bridal necklace. You can’t ever get it wrong with this combination. It’s a winner anytime you rock the wine etsy jewelry.

If you don’t have any earring yet, there’s a pearl earring to match the look. Ensure you choose the right length for you as there are multiple lengths to choose from,

It’s a hotcake as an etsy jewelry, over a thousand people cannot get it wrong at the same time, You’ll be glad you read this.

4. Red Wine Earring With Sterling Silver Ear Wire

Whenever you are in a bit of doubt as to what to wear for your next dinner date, girls night out or a sea side party, think of your red wine earring. It is handmade using enamel charms and sterling silver wire.

There can only be one way to display your love for red wine and it’s through rocking this earring. Don’t be bothered about your metal sensitivities, the sterling silver will never harm your skin.

You can order this for a friend who you know is a die-hard wine lover. The wine etsy ear-ring comes packed in a gift box.

Best 5 CBD Oil Infused Wines

Best 5 CBD Oil Infused Wines

Wines are consumed for recreational purposes majorly but if consumed in moderate quantity (one to two glasses a day) they also provide health benefits. Though, too much consumption of wine or any alcohol has adverse effects on health. But in moderate consumption, they are good for heart, eyesight, teeth, have anti-aging effects, reduce Diabetes, lower risk of cancer and promote mental health.

As the legislation has been passed in many American states in making consumption of cannabis legal, many winery businesses are enthusiastic in making CBD oil infuse wines and selling them. CBD oil is derived from cannabis plant or hemp. It will not only a new flavour and character to wines but it will also have more health benefit attributed to cannabis plant. Some of the benefits are:

  • Anti-seizure
  • Antioxidant
  • Neuroprotective
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-tumour
  • Anti- psychotic
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Top 5 of the best CBD oil infused wines are enlisted in this article for you.
  1. CannaVines

  • The CannaVines are not yet available in the market and are only available in California USA’s Cannabis Tours, a winery where wine and weed pairing is done for tourists. But soon you will be able to purchase them online. These wines come in various flavours and types. You can have a red blend infused with Headband to alleviate stress. Or a Chardonnay Sour Diesel or rose blended with CBD oil for relieving stress and anxiety. Once they are available in the market you will have a number of options to choose according to your mood.
  1. Wine by Rebel Coast Winery

  • The Rebel Coast Winery in California is offering their cannabis infused Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is only available for Californian residents only which will soon be provided to their customers out of California state. Their CBD oil infused wine provides 20mg THC in a bottle of wine and 5mg in a glass. They are also planning to release cannabis infuse rose and a sparkling.
  1. Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp Wines

  • The winery, Mary Jane’s in Canada, has numerous Hemp wines with great taste. These wines are alcoholic and can be purchase online through their website from Black Price Winery. Some of the wines are Magic White, BC Buddy White, BC Buddy Red and a traditional Canadian Classic, BP Hemp Ice Wine. If you need something more alcoholic, you can also try their hemp infused gin.
  1. Greenway “Know Label” Wine Tinctures

  • These wines are also only available in the state of California USA like the other wines in this list. These wines are available in bottles that look like they have come from a backyard and each one of it is completely unique. They have no label as the name “Know Label” suggests. Each bottle has a small tag which has the information about the strain used, the year and the wine type. Singer and cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge who is a cannabis advocate, backs this wine.
  1. CBD Vines

  • CBD Vines is a Texas based winery which is bringing benefits of CBD oil with wine while limiting the psychotropic effects of THC. They infuse CBD oil and wine to create a unique experience for their customers. The five most famous styles of wines that they produce are chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, red blends, pinot grigio and pinot noir. Out of these the cabernet sauvignon also named CaBD Sauv is the flagship wine which is closely followed by their signature Chardonnay named as CBDonay.
  • For further information on CBD oil infused wines and their health benefits, feel free to contact us.