5 Best Etsy Wine Jewelry To Add To Your Accessories

5 Best Etsy Wine Jewelry To Add To Your Accessories

Nothing can change the mind of a wine lover, especially when it comes to wine colored jewelry. There’s something divine and unique about wine etsy jewelry. Not everyone knows this, only those who sees the beauty in wine.

A love of red wine or just the color, there’s a unique way to describe your love for either of the who. Red wine theme etsy jewelry that are specially handmade to blow your mind. Which is why you’ll be exposed to the beauty of wine etsy jewelry as you read ahead.

1. Bridesmaid Merlot Wine Berry Earring

Preparing for a wedding? Or may be you are bridesmaid? Don’t tell me the color code is wine! If it is, then you just found an earring that is specially handmade for a bridesmaid.

There are few words that should be used in describing this wine etsy jewelry; sparkly, beautiful and sophisticated. Your wedding outfit isn’t complete without having this swarovski cut in your accessories line up.

They will be perfect for your bridesmaid dress, be sure of that. You’ll be the bridesmaid of the year with this wine earring.

2. Wine Charm Bracelet Bangle

You think bangles are out of vogue? Wait until you have this beautiful round your wrist. You must have that special person who adores the taste of wine and appreciate beautiful etsy jewelry, this is the perfect gift for her.

It’ll appear personalized for the special person. Whatever makes wine enjoyable is part of the details of this bracelet. It is carefully put together to have a long lasting impression on whoever is lucky to have it.

You can adjust the bracelet to your size as it is a handmade etsy jewelry that has become a darling of jewelry lovers.

3. Wine Pearl Bridal Necklace

Already gotten a wine inspired earrings and bracelets? Complete the look with a wine colored bridal necklace. You can’t ever get it wrong with this combination. It’s a winner anytime you rock the wine etsy jewelry.

If you don’t have any earring yet, there’s a pearl earring to match the look. Ensure you choose the right length for you as there are multiple lengths to choose from,

It’s a hotcake as an etsy jewelry, over a thousand people cannot get it wrong at the same time, You’ll be glad you read this.

4. Red Wine Earring With Sterling Silver Ear Wire

Whenever you are in a bit of doubt as to what to wear for your next dinner date, girls night out or a sea side party, think of your red wine earring. It is handmade using enamel charms and sterling silver wire.

There can only be one way to display your love for red wine and it’s through rocking this earring. Don’t be bothered about your metal sensitivities, the sterling silver will never harm your skin.

You can order this for a friend who you know is a die-hard wine lover. The wine etsy ear-ring comes packed in a gift box.

Best 5 CBD Oil Infused Wines

Best 5 CBD Oil Infused Wines

Wines are consumed for recreational purposes majorly but if consumed in moderate quantity (one to two glasses a day) they also provide health benefits. Though, too much consumption of wine or any alcohol has adverse effects on health. But in moderate consumption, they are good for heart, eyesight, teeth, have anti-aging effects, reduce Diabetes, lower risk of cancer and promote mental health.

As the legislation has been passed in many American states in making consumption of cannabis legal, many winery businesses are enthusiastic in making CBD oil infuse wines and selling them. CBD oil is derived from cannabis plant or hemp. It will not only a new flavour and character to wines but it will also have more health benefit attributed to cannabis plant. Some of the benefits are:

  • Anti-seizure
  • Antioxidant
  • Neuroprotective
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-tumour
  • Anti- psychotic
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Top 5 of the best CBD oil infused wines are enlisted in this article for you.
  1. CannaVines

  • The CannaVines are not yet available in the market and are only available in California USA’s Cannabis Tours, a winery where wine and weed pairing is done for tourists. But soon you will be able to purchase them online. These wines come in various flavours and types. You can have a red blend infused with Headband to alleviate stress. Or a Chardonnay Sour Diesel or rose blended with CBD oil for relieving stress and anxiety. Once they are available in the market you will have a number of options to choose according to your mood.
  1. Wine by Rebel Coast Winery

  • The Rebel Coast Winery in California is offering their cannabis infused Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is only available for Californian residents only which will soon be provided to their customers out of California state. Their CBD oil infused wine provides 20mg THC in a bottle of wine and 5mg in a glass. They are also planning to release cannabis infuse rose and a sparkling.
  1. Mary Jane’s Magical Hemp Wines

  • The winery, Mary Jane’s in Canada, has numerous Hemp wines with great taste. These wines are alcoholic and can be purchase online through their website from Black Price Winery. Some of the wines are Magic White, BC Buddy White, BC Buddy Red and a traditional Canadian Classic, BP Hemp Ice Wine. If you need something more alcoholic, you can also try their hemp infused gin.
  1. Greenway “Know Label” Wine Tinctures

  • These wines are also only available in the state of California USA like the other wines in this list. These wines are available in bottles that look like they have come from a backyard and each one of it is completely unique. They have no label as the name “Know Label” suggests. Each bottle has a small tag which has the information about the strain used, the year and the wine type. Singer and cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge who is a cannabis advocate, backs this wine.
  1. CBD Vines

  • CBD Vines is a Texas based winery which is bringing benefits of CBD oil with wine while limiting the psychotropic effects of THC. They infuse CBD oil and wine to create a unique experience for their customers. The five most famous styles of wines that they produce are chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, red blends, pinot grigio and pinot noir. Out of these the cabernet sauvignon also named CaBD Sauv is the flagship wine which is closely followed by their signature Chardonnay named as CBDonay.
  • For further information on CBD oil infused wines and their health benefits, feel free to contact us.

The Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Wine

Whether you’re a newbie to the wine scene, or you’ve been drinking wine for a while, there are many useful resources to make up for the knowledge that you’re yet to obtain when starting to drink wine.

The first thing you must know is the basics. The bigger the grape, the crunchier it tends to be, as well as sweeter on the inside. It is due to the grape reaching its full potential and loses its seeds. These grapes are generally not used for making wine and are used as table grapes. Smaller grapes don’t have at least two seeds each, as well as thicker skin. They are also a lot thicker and sweeter than bigger grapes. These are the ones that are used to blend wine.

Even though most wines are made with grapes, they’re not quite the processed versions you find in a grocery store. With a variety of 1,300 different wine grapes that are used for commercial production all over the world’s vineyards, the wine industry has expanded over the years, especially because farmers are now cultivating and blending different grapes, to create an even wider variety of wines.

If your wondering which of these 1,300 different grapes are considered the most popular, the answer is the Cabernet Sauvignon

Developing a Sense of Taste for Wine

If you’re only starting out drinking wine, most people might tell you to choose the Rose to start with. That’s just because it is one of the sweetest wines, which means it is the best to start with

It is because wine generally tends to have an acquired taste and takes some time to get used to. After trying the Rose for a while, as well as different versions thereof, you can move on to the merlot and progress to darker versions of red. What you’ll find is, that you’ll ultimately end up drinking am Pinot Noir/ Pinotage depending on your preference of light to dark and then, when you’re used to a more bitter taste, the Shiraz, which is the deepest version of red grape.

When it comes to starting out with the white wine, you should start with a sweet white, which is the Chenin or Chardonnay and then move onto the dry white, which is you, Sauvignon Blanc.

Common Types of Wine 101: Our Wine Vault

Our Wine Vault is a purveyor of wines from the finest wine producers of the world. We also offer only the most creative gift baskets for all occasions and clients.

White Wine:

Generally speaking, goes well with seafood, chicken, turkey, Chinese food and sometimes pork. They range in style from very dry to sweet and are usually not aged in wood barrels to preserve freshness and taste.

Red Wine:

Again, generally speaking, goes well with red meats such as beef, roasts and filets, lamb, duck, veal, pastas and sausages. These wines tend to be more dry and are slightly more acidic. Red wines are commonly aged in wood for a complex, deep flavor; or are produced with a light, fruity flavor. Pure grape juice being naturally clear, red wines gain their color from the skin of the grapes.

Sparkling Wine:

Modeled after Champagne, sparkling wines are made around the world. The best of them use the same method, with a second fermentation occurring in the bottle. Good sparklers come from other parts of France, Italy, Spain, Australia and California. These wines are crisp, lively, and full of apple and yeasty bread scents.

Gift Baskets:

Whether you are wishing a family member “A Happy Anniversary”, or a corporation wishing to express “Thanks” to a customer for their long patronage, nothing says you care like one of our Wine Baskets. Sending one of our baskets with a card (which we can include with your message) says you have good taste.