5 Best Etsy Wine Jewelry To Add To Your Accessories

5 Best Etsy Wine Jewelry To Add To Your Accessories

Nothing can change the mind of a wine lover, especially when it comes to wine colored jewelry. There’s something divine and unique about wine etsy jewelry. Not everyone knows this, only those who sees the beauty in wine.

A love of red wine or just the color, there’s a unique way to describe your love for either of the who. Red wine theme etsy jewelry that are specially handmade to blow your mind. Which is why you’ll be exposed to the beauty of wine etsy jewelry as you read ahead.

1. Bridesmaid Merlot Wine Berry Earring

Preparing for a wedding? Or may be you are bridesmaid? Don’t tell me the color code is wine! If it is, then you just found an earring that is specially handmade for a bridesmaid.

There are few words that should be used in describing this wine etsy jewelry; sparkly, beautiful and sophisticated. Your wedding outfit isn’t complete without having this swarovski cut in your accessories line up.

They will be perfect for your bridesmaid dress, be sure of that. You’ll be the bridesmaid of the year with this wine earring.

2. Wine Charm Bracelet Bangle

You think bangles are out of vogue? Wait until you have this beautiful round your wrist. You must have that special person who adores the taste of wine and appreciate beautiful etsy jewelry, this is the perfect gift for her.

It’ll appear personalized for the special person. Whatever makes wine enjoyable is part of the details of this bracelet. It is carefully put together to have a long lasting impression on whoever is lucky to have it.

You can adjust the bracelet to your size as it is a handmade etsy jewelry that has become a darling of jewelry lovers.

3. Wine Pearl Bridal Necklace

Already gotten a wine inspired earrings and bracelets? Complete the look with a wine colored bridal necklace. You can’t ever get it wrong with this combination. It’s a winner anytime you rock the wine etsy jewelry.

If you don’t have any earring yet, there’s a pearl earring to match the look. Ensure you choose the right length for you as there are multiple lengths to choose from,

It’s a hotcake as an etsy jewelry, over a thousand people cannot get it wrong at the same time, You’ll be glad you read this.

4. Red Wine Earring With Sterling Silver Ear Wire

Whenever you are in a bit of doubt as to what to wear for your next dinner date, girls night out or a sea side party, think of your red wine earring. It is handmade using enamel charms and sterling silver wire.

There can only be one way to display your love for red wine and it’s through rocking this earring. Don’t be bothered about your metal sensitivities, the sterling silver will never harm your skin.

You can order this for a friend who you know is a die-hard wine lover. The wine etsy ear-ring comes packed in a gift box.