The Sonoma County Jewelry Guide

The Sonoma County Jewelry Guide

In order to recognize fine jewelry craftsmanship, you must be in the business for several years. The real talent and skill of a jeweler shines through in the results of his or her work. Whether you want a custom made piece or you want to repurpose your current setting into a new set, there is a jeweler that can help you.

Poison Ring
A poison ring is also known as a pill box ring. It is a ring with a container underneath the bezel or it could be found inside the bezel and it would be used to hold either poison or something else. Europeans made this type of ring popular in the sixteenth century. The poison ring would be filled with poison and then when an opportunity arrived, the poison would then be placed in the drink or the food of the enemy. The poison was also used on the owner of the ring if they had no other choice but to commit suicide or be captured or even tortured. Through the years, these rings have been used for other things in addition to poison. they were used for locks of hair, perfume, messages, keepsakes, and other important things they wanted to keep on hand at all times. In order to make the rings beautiful, artists would carefully paint portraits of those they loved. The portraits would then be placed inside the ring and the name of the ring eventually changed to a locket ring. At some point in the seventeenth century, this ring was shaped as a casket to be work as a reminder to the mourners.

If you want to find a poison ring for your finger, here are a few jewelers to check out:

1. Katja Designs located in the Healdsburg area
122 Matheson Street
Phone: 707-778-0411 Website:
Katia Designs works in silver, gold, platinum, and other precious as well as semi-precious stones.

2. Gold-N-Time Jewelers located in Petaluma
283 N. McDowell Blvd.
Phone: 707-778-1422 Website:
Gold-N-Time jewelers offers designer collections and an on-site jeweler who can appraise and repair jewelry. They offer both consignment and layaways

3. Gold Rush Jewelers located in Petaluma
385 So. McDowell Blvd.
Phone: 707-765-2111 Website:
Specializing in custom designs with an on-site jeweler who offers gems, repairs, and watch repairs too. They also offer appraisals.

4. Hollingsworth Jewelers Gallery in Petaluma
5 Petaluma Blvd N.
Phone: 707-763-6053 Website:
Specializing in designer jewelry and estate jewelry. Jeweler onsite to do repairs including watch repairs or battery replacement.

5. Rocklin Jewelry in Petaluma
5 Western Ave.
Phone: 707-762-8305 Website:
Specializing in custom designs including goldsmith and antique jewelry

6. Rohnert Park in Petaluna
6372 Commerce Blvd.
Phone: 707-586-2101 Website:
Specializing in custom design, gems, watch repair, and other repairs. On-site jeweler is also available to give appraisals too.

7. Bennett Valley Jewelers in Santa Rosa
2700 Yulupa Ave
Phone: 707-523-1333 Website:
Offering designer jewelry, repairs, watch repair, appraisals, and an on-site jeweler. Also available for free inspection and cleaning.

8. Darcy’s Fine Jewelers in Santa Rosa
50 Courthouse Square, Ste 301
Phone: 707-545-3957 Website:
Offering custom designs, repairing watches, appraisals, polishing, engraving, and buying and selling of gold

9. Design Jewelers of Santa Rosa
2420 Magowan Dr
Phone: 707-569-1314 Website:
Specializing in repairs, custom design, free cleaning and inspections. Also offering appraisals with an on-site jeweler

10. ER Sawyer Fine Jewelry, est. 1879 of Santa Rosa
638 4th street
Phone: 707-546-9372 Website:
Specializing in designer collections – gemologist and onsite jeweler for repairs, restoration, and appraisals

11. Gold Rush Jewelers of Santa Rosa
2240 Mendocino Ave.
Phone: 707-542-2101 Website:
Specializing in custom design, including an on-site jeweler offering repairs, appraisals, and gems

12. Hilton Gray Art of Jewelry in Santa Rosa
2429 Magowan Drive
Phone: 707-569-1314 Website:
Specializing in custom jewelry, and offering on site jeweler available for repairs, cleaning and inspection/appraisals

13. Larry Conover Jewelers of Santa Rosa
532 College Ave
Phone: 707-523-1968
Specializing in custom jewelry with an jeweler on-site offering repairs. Also buying gold and platinum

14. Loren O. Hovland of Santa Rosa
1400 Guerneville Rd. #B-6
Phone: 707-575-8635 Website:
Specializing in custom design, goldsmith, lapidary, and design and facet gem stones

15. Mara Shephard Designer Jewelry of Santa Rosa
350 Coddingtown Mall
Phone: 707-575-5700 Website:
Specializing in designer collections, repairs, restringing, on-site jeweler, gems, and appraisals

16. Mark Allen Jewelers of Santa Rosa
611 4th St.
Phone: 707-544-2635 Website:
Specializing in designer collections, gems, and repairs

17. Michael and Company Jewelers of Santa Rosa
90 Mark West Springs Road #120
Phone: 707-546-6873 Website:
Specializing in custom designs, appraisals, and repairs

18. Old Towne Jewelers of Santa Rosa
110 Calistoga Road
Phone: 707-539-7002 Website:
Specializing in custom design, repair, restoration, estate jewelry, watches and watch repair, collectables/ appraisals

19. David Allen Designs of Sebastopol
139 North Main Street
Phone: 707-861-9119 Website:
Specializing in gems, custom design, designer collection and restoration

20. Vineyard Jewelers of Sonoma
201 W. Napa Street #4
Phone: 707-996-2184 Website:
Specializing in watch repair, custom jewelry, estate jewelry, repairs, gems, bead stringing, appraisals, on-site jeweler

21. Devlin Design Studio of Windsor
8911 Lakewood Drive Ste 22C
Phone: 707-836-3029 Website:
Specializing in custom designs and goldsmith

22. Mark Shimizu Design of Windsor
9070 Windsor Road
Phone: 707-836-1840 Website:
Specializing in designer collections, custom designs, gems, and watches. Featuring an on-site jeweler for repairs and appraisals

23. Vintage Jewelers and Gifts of Windsor
8796 Lakewood Dr.
Phone: 707-838-1661 Website:
Specializing in custom design, gemologist, bead and pearl restringing, appraisals and repairs

Bring back history and create a beautiful poison ring for that special someone in your life. While its not used to store poison anymore, it is rich in history and can be a symbol of your love and devotion. The ring can hold a special memory that you share with each other.

What to Know Before Contacting a Jeweler
Before you contact a jeweler, you will want to know what size you will need the ring. You will also need to know what shape do you want the poison ring as they come in many different shapes from round and oval to rectangle. If she will store her pills in the ring, you may want to consider the rectangle. If she is going to wear it when she goes out, you may want to simply choose the round poison ring. You can also customize your own design and create a one-of-a-kind poison ring for her to wear. This one of of kind ring is something that she can wear around and boast about as she shows it off to all those who look at it and admire the design. Once you have the size, and you know what shape you want the ring to be, you can contact one of the jewelers listed above and begin your order. He/she will need to know the exact size of the finger in order to proceed with the order. If possible, take her with you when you order it so that she will know when she has a comfortable fit.

Because the size of the finger changes slightly for a woman sometimes, it may be more practical to take her for the first visit and then again one month after that in order to get a more accurate measurement. If her finger adjusts a size or more between months, you may want to consider a stretch ring band that will adjust to the changes in her finger size. When you are done sizing the ring, you will then have other choices to make including the stone. You can choose amethyst to black onyx. She may choose her birthstone instead. The possibilities are endless. You can get a design placed over the stone as well. This could be in the shape of a cross or a moon that is placed perfectly on the stone in order to create a complete look that pleases her. You may also want to stick to a traditional vintage look instead of a modern look for even more uniqueness.

poison ring

In the end, the poison ring will be hand designed by a jeweler that you selected to create a piece of art for the person you love and adore. The poison ring will be a reminder to her that you cared enough about her to create this unique ring that no one else has in their possession. While many of the rings look similar, not all of them have the same shape, size, and stone design as yours. The jeweler may be able to work with you to create the unique ring with a few drawings prior to starting on the actual design of it. The jeweler normally has the experience in making and creating this type of unique rings so talk to them first to see what they can do to help you create the p

Vaping Wine

Vaping Wine

Combining vaping with wine is the new trend that has been gaining popularity nowadays. So, rather than drinking the alcohol, you are vaping it. This leads to a variety of different effects. There are basically two primary approaches to vaping wine. The first approach is that the wine is converted into water vapor so you can inhale it. The second approach is via the use of a vaping product to simulate the flavor of alcohol, but it’s not actually alcohol.

Vape Shot

Vaping Wine

This approach is basically vaping with wine as opposed to using a traditional vaping product. Thanks to the increased interest in this approach of vaping wine, you can easily find kits that allow you to vape alcoholic products. The kit holds the wine inside a box. After that, you need to insert a needle inside the product and then remove the top. Now you have vapor that is full of wine ready to be inhaled. So, via this method, you are breathing in the wine vapor rather than having the wine go from your stomach to bloodstream.

This approach of vaping wine means that you the drink is directly introduced into the bloodstream via your lungs. As a result, you get a familiar buzz by using far less alcohol without upsetting your stomach. The only con of this approach is that the vaping kits for alcoholic products are quite expensive.

Vaping Products

Nowadays, you can buy alcoholic vaping flavors and easily use them with traditional vaping devices. What this means is that you cannot just pour wine into your vaping device, but you can buy alcohol vaping flavors to enjoy a similar experience. The key difference here is that there is no alcohol when you use these vaping products.

The main advantage of using vaping products along with alcoholic vaping flavors is that you get to experience different drinks and sample the variety at your pleasure. Since there is no alcohol present, you don’t have to worry about getting drunk. Not to mention you are spending far less on this approach as opposed to buying a vape shot or similar device which are generally quite expensive.

The main disadvantage of this approach is that no alcohol is present in these products. So, while the flavor is quite the same, the actual effect is not. If you want the full effect, then it is recommended that you combine wine tasting party with vaping.

Dangers of Vaping Wine

Vaping Wine

While the amount of wine that goes into your bloodstream when you vape is minimal, if you are not careful then there is a risk of overdosing. This is because vaping wine bypasses the liver and the stomach and enters your bloodstream in a relatively more concentrated form. Because of this, vaping wine can be quite dangerous for individuals who generally have issues with alcohol.

While it is never advisable to consume wine beyond your limits, it is worth noting that the buzzed feeling you get from vaping wine is shorter and much different as compared to drinking.

Cannabis Beverage Expo

Cannabis Beverage Expo

Cannabis is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways and administered with ease according to your preferences. While you probably heard about edibles with cannabis, did you hear about beverages with extracts from the same plant? What if you would have the occasion to enjoy a tasty glass of wine with cannabis? Cannabis infused wine is part of today’s reality if you know where to look for it. Of course, wine is not the only beverage that enjoys such an upgrade. Spirits can be found as well. Let us take a closer look at this aspect, starting an incursion in the fascinating world of cannabis beverages.

Certain compounds derived from the cannabis plant, more precisely CBD, is known for having a positive impact on health. While CBD can indeed be regarded as an alternative treatment, it can also be used as a supplement. It has phytonutrients valuable for our organisms, helping us fight against fatigue, insomnia, anemia, poor appetite, and even in the case of diarrhea. So, even if you don’t suffer from a particular health condition, you could still utilize CBD as a vitamin supplement, together with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. This way, you can start feeling better, enjoy a higher level of energy, good digestion, and better mood per overall.

If CBD is a supplement, why shouldn’t it be added to our preferred beverages? It’s not like we drink wine or other beverages instead of water. A glass of cannabis-infused wine now and then can bring together the benefits of wine and its antioxidant powers and the properties of cannabidiol at the same time, as an example. You should know that there are no risks associated with the consumption of CBD, especially if we are talking about low doses. In fact, there weren’t recorded cases of CBD overdose, although there are some side-effects if the dose of CBD is exaggerated in comparison with the body weight of the person consuming it or the frequency of administration.

In case you are interested in beverages containing cannabis extract, it is worth knowing that there’s a special cannabis expo taking place this summer, dedicated entirely to cannabis drinks. More precisely, on the 25th of July, in San Francisco, California, a cannabis expo regarding drinks improved with this particular plant will be available to experts and curious people at the same time. Whether you have a business in this sector and would like to exhibit your products or you simply want to check out the available offer, it is definitely worth attending. The whole idea of this event is to bring together cannabis enthusiasts and business owners and players in the drink industry, in order to consolidate this sector of the market and discuss the potential future threats and problems that may arise.

As it is already known, in spite of the fact that cannabis is legalized by many states, in particular, cannabis used for medicinal purposes, this market niche is far from being regulated as it should be. This means difficulties for each side of the barricade. Consumers have to know these products very well and how to check them in order to get the desired level of quality and providers to have to work hard to earn the trust of potential customers while struggling to advertise and market their products on a market where cannabis is still considered a drug. The fact that cannabis can have a positive impact on human health and that there are cannabis compounds that do not trigger any psychoactive effects are both well known. Yet, the cannabis plant still can be found categorized as a drug by governmental institutions and organizations, which means a lot of restrictions on various levels.

One of the goals of the cannabis expo that will take place in California, together with other similar expos, is to bring awareness on the benefits of legalizing cannabis for real. In many states, cannabis is still illegal, with the possibility of being used only with a prescription from a doctor in the best case scenario. This is in spite of the fact that medicinal marijuana and CBD products do not alter one’s state of mind, ability to focus or think. Apparently, the government needs more evidence that CBD does not represent a rick and that its use, even in the event of an exaggeration or abuse, will not do any harm or turn a person in a danger for the community.

Cannabis Beverage Expo

We cannot ignore the fact that the market surrounding cannabis is growing, as more and more discover the benefits of using this plant in various forms. Scientific studies, still not very many at the moment, can confirm that cannabis can indeed be used for improving one’s state of health, mind, and mood. Yes, there is still cannabis that is used for recreational purposes, and here we are talking about the notorious marijuana, but it is worth knowing that there are very many strains of cannabis, each having its own properties and composition. Medicinal cannabis is harmless and products containing CBD have this extract obtained from hemp, not marijuana. Thus, there is a more than the obvious difference between the products made to help one’s organism and those made for the so-called “recreational” purposes, the ones that give that sensation of “high”. So, if you decide to try cannabis-infused wine, you can be sure that the “high” sensation you may be experiencing will come entirely from drinking too much wine and not because there’s a cannabis content within the wine.

The cannabis expo we are talking about is just as serious as any other public event that wishes to bring forward important aspects to the public and anyone interested in the subject. Thus, there will be conferences hosted by a wide range of public speakers, coming from various domains and representing different companies and institutions. The aspects treated at these conferences will definitely give the political, scientific, and medical fields something to think about. Perhaps it is time to let go of our prejudices and face the truth, a truth that shows the fact that products like CBD oil have much more benefits than disadvantages. There’s no doubt that more studies are needed, especially when it comes to using CBD as a treatment for various conditions. But, until then, let us focus on how to make this plant and its amazing benefits available to the general public. The demand is growing, so everyone should join forces to make this possible in an environment that is safe from every party involved. This means proper regulations implemented in this market niche, quality standards, and rules that should be respected by the providers of such products.

Everyone could benefit from the legalization of cannabis, so this aspect should be seriously considered by the government. Legalizing cannabis, when done right and in collaboration with experts from this particular field, will not mean that the country will turn into a home for addicts and junkies. There are strains of cannabis that are rich in CBD and very low in THC, which means that using extracts from these plants will not affect a person in a negative manner. On the contrary, it was proven that the use of CBD can increase one’s ability to focus, by diminishing negative states and emotions. So, the cannabis expo that focuses on beverages containing extracts from this particular plant will talk about these aspects and how it is possible to come up with products that will not act like drugs once consumed.

We have to admit that the idea of cannabis-infused wine is more than interesting. It will also be interesting in finding out what the experts have to say about it and what other topics will be approached during the event. Considering that this market niche is only going to grow from now on, instead of trying to prevent what will happen, we could all work together in creating a healthier market for this type of products. Unfortunately, when it comes to an unregulated market, the consumer is the one that suffers the most. Where regulations are absent or are ambiguous, there will always be some that will try to take advantage and sell poor quality or even dangerous products. So, out of the desire to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, one can end up consuming products that have a THC level that is too high or products that are contaminated with chemicals and toxic compounds.

We need more than just one cannabis expo and we definitely need to learn more about cannabis-infused wine. Luckily, this type of events multiplied in the past time, giving everyone a chance to acquire valid and useful information in this particular sector. Knowledge is power, so instead of allowing yourself to be driven by false assumptions and opinions that are not based on facts, you should be part of this expo and hear what the experienced experts have to say about it. Participating at such an expo is even more useful if you’re looking to develop a business in this sector or you’re already struggling to keep one on the floating line. The information that you will acquire will help you in very many ways and you will also have the chance to network with the people that can offer the support you may need.

Top 10 Red Wines

Top 10 Red Wines

This article is for the wine lovers, both amateurs and oenophiles. So what are the top 10 best wines?

This is one of the best wines and it has been made from grapes from wineries in the Napa valley as well as San martin regions. For the grapes to achieve an intense flavor, tannins along with mineral characteristics. Other grapes for making the wine are obtained from vineyards in the valley that give it its color. You can serve the wine after chilling it in the fridge for approximately ten minutes to get better result and it does not need decanting. The wine has a sweet blackcurrant taste with some acidity as well as tender yet obvious tannins and dark spice box. The mid taste continues with black cherry, plum as well as pornegranate alongside some damp earth. Montoya cabernet goes for $15-18 and can be taken with beef delicacies.

  • Domaine Loubejac Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

The wine has been made from grapes originating from Oregon wine country. A lot of grapes planted are able to grow 60 miles inland from Pacific coast situated between two mountain ranges. The mountain ranges protect the area from winds and rains coming from the coast thus maintaining modern temperatures suitable for planting the grapes. This pinot Noir will remind you of a French wine with scents and flavors of blackberry, raspberry, sweet herbs in addition to rose petals, the finish taste is energetic and pulsating and food pairings include pork, filet mignon, salmon and lamb.

  • Flichman Malbec Tupungato

The grapes for this wine are grown in Argentina; the wine is a mixture of mainly Malbec. Hand picking of the grapes is done to the best of Tupungato and Barrancas that have been placed in barrels for 12 months so as to create the full-bodies wine that has pleasing tannings along with a dark fruit taste.

Because of the wine’s deep color, scents, plums and honey plus the fact that it is able to ripen perfectly ends up creating wine that has a velvety consistency with long, lingering flavors. Putting the wine in barrels add an extra vanilla and soft tannin giving the wine a nice structure. Food pairings.

  • Chateau Feret Lambert Bordeaux Superieur

The wine has an intense ruby color with strawberry and blackcurrant scents along with tobacco and pepper. The wine feels dry on the tongue while bordering on medium to high acid and tannins medium to full body. Generally, it is a nice and easy drink for relaxing.

  • Sextant Cabernet Sauvignon Paso

Santa Cruz Mountains is home to some of the pioneering wine makers in California including Paul Masson, Martin Ray as well as David Bennion. Because of them, there are more than sixty wineries today that lead to the production of outstanding wines such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Carbernet. Carbernet has an intense black-plum scent that meets with roasted coffee, soil with

Deep black-plum aromas meet with roasted coffee, turned soil and an allusion of toffee. The flavor is a deep blackberry paste with an oregano taste, has acidity and a strong tannic structure.

  • Wildhaven Untamed Red Blend

Although Washington time has only been producing wine for the last decade, a small time when compared to other regions for wine production, it is has become one of the US’s second largest producer of wine after California. Apart from being the second-largest wine producer, it is also has high-quality wines such as the Wildhaven Untamed Red Blend. The Red Blend has concentrated blueberry and blackberry flavors, spice as well as cedar. It has finely grained tannins and finishes off with a balance of crispness.

  • Line Shack Cabernet San Antonio Valley

The wine has rich and balanced flavors of blackberries, blackcurrants, plums along with mocha accented with moderate tannins and a long finish. You will also feel a clay top soil and a chalky limestone base.

  •  Valserrano Rioja Crianza

The wine takes one and a half years to age in American and French casks thus you are able to taste the tradition in the red wine dating back to Spain in the 19th century. The Rioja wine has a unique taste that is 90% estate-grown Tempranillo and 10% Mazuelo. Rioja wine takes one hour to decant, it has slight taste of masculine leather, spice in addition to dark berries, red berried and with acidity of raspberry and dark cherry on top. The wine is able to give you a moment of reliving history as you are sipping.

  • Saladini Pilastri Rosso Piceno

Made with 70% of Montepulciano and 30% of Sangiovese, the wine has a lot of strawberry and back cherry flavors making it have a lively and strong feel to it. It has deep, silky consistency in addition to a pleasing herb, earth and spice attributes.

The wine goes for $11.99, it has deep red ruby color and you will feel a taste of fruit pie and dark fruit with a zing of acid. Food pairings that can go well with the wine include short ribs, green beans as well as mashed potatoes. Putting into consideration the price, the wine is fairly priced and its great taste makes it worth each penny.

Best Wine Insider Websites for the Best Wine Information

Best Wine Insider Websites for the Best Wine Information

Every wine enthusiast should know where to look for information in order to stay up to date with the latest news belonging to the wine industry. Because we live in an era where technology is very well developed, the best wine insiders can be found online.

And no, it is not difficult to find a wine blog out there or a website that treats this subject, as there are many specialists in this field that are more than willing to share their experiences and knowledge. So, whether you are looking to catch the pulse of the industry, find out more about wine releases and events, or even start a business in this industry, this is where you will find the more valuable information.

Interested in knowing which the best wine insiders are on the Internet? We found some of the most popular and appreciated of them, although there are many more blogs available on this topic that can provide great information.

  • Vinography

Wherever you will look, you will see Vinography as the number one, or at least occupying the first positions, on lists of wine insiders across the Internet. This due to the fact that the high-tech consultant and wine enthusiast Alder Yarrow provides some of the freshest, interesting, and comprehensive information from the wine industry on his blog.

He believes that blogging is much better for him than spending his spare time to watch TV. And the truth is that he does this very well. Besides wine-related information, you will also find restaurant reviews on his blog.

  • The Wine Importer

This particular blog is managed by a wine important, in the person of Joe Dressner, which focuses in finding special wines produced by small vineyards, instead of importing mass-produced wines, like so many others are doing. So, reading his blog posts means accessing the knowledge of a man that has a lot of wisdom to share in this domain.

If it comes to wine blogs with a sophisticated language, this is one of those wine insiders that inspire high class through the used writing style and chosen words.

  • DrVino

Believe it or not, the creator and manager of this blog is actually a doctor in wine, as Tyler Colman is the possessor of a doctorate in wine industries within Northwestern University. After being a teacher of political sciences for 2 years, he decided that writing and educating people about wine is a much better career option for him. Thus, he does this as a full-time job these days.


This is one of the best wine insiders if you want to make wine traveling part of your life experiences. Jamie Goode, who also writes for several wine magazines besides his own blog, will give you all the details you need about wine tasting, winemakers, and where you can travel to find delicious wine. If you are a novice in this sector, you may find his casual style easier to digest.

  • WineTerroirs

This is a wine blog that focuses mostly on wine tasting on the territory of France, as Bertrand Celce, a professional photographer, travels around the country in search for the most interesting wines.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the blog is all about French wines. For example, Bertrand wrote about a Japanese wine important that started making wine in France, so there is interesting news to be found on this particular blog.

Vaping Wine

Vaping Wine

Most people enjoy a glass of good wine, but what if you vape your wine next time instead of drinking it? Believe it or not, but vaping became quite a trends when it comes to consuming alcoholic beverages. What are the effects of vaping wine or any other alcoholic beverage? Well, considering that you inhale the alcoholic drink instead of ingesting it, the result is that you’ll feel its buzz faster than when having a drink.

Of course, there are also vaping cartridges manufacturers that offer products with the flavors of certain beverages, without the buzz involved. In other words, you can order a nicotine cartridge for your e-cigarette that can taste like your favorite wine, for example. So, if you don’t feel like getting buzzed from alcohol, you can at least feel the favor of your favorite drink when vaping.

How does wine vaping work? Instead of drinking the wine, you actually use a straw to inhale it. There are special bottles for this process, so don’t try inhaling your best wine from a regular bottle and with a regular straw, as you will just harm yourself. The bottle will make the wine inside generate alcohol vapors, which can be them inhaled with the help of a straw inserted in the bottle.

But, do be gentle with the inhaled vapors, as they will hit your bloodstream in a matter of seconds. So, if you need a glass or two of wine to feel some buzz, when you are vaping wine you will feel the buzz immediately. It is true that this buzz won’t be felt for too long, but all you need is get some more vapors from the bottle and you’ll be right back to the buzzed state.

Those that tried vaping wine or any other alcoholic beverage say that the provided buzz is quite pleasant. It is not the same as the one you get when drinking wine. You see, when we drink, we ingest a rather large amount of alcohol because it takes a while for it to travel through our entire system until we get to feel the buzz. It has to reach the stomach, pass through the intestines, get absorbed, and then enter our bloodstream.

So, when we do start feeling the buzz, we might have drunk a considerable amount of alcohol, which can give us a hangover the next day. The buzz provided by vaping the beverage, on the other hand, is somewhat similar to vaping cannabis. Although, the buzz offered by alcohol, in this case, will not last for too long, just a minute or so, while a cannabis-generated buzz can last for hours.

Isn’t it dangerous to inhale alcohol vapors? The truth is that there are a very small number of studies on this aspect. While it is true that inhaling alcohol is very differing from drinking it, no one knows exactly what are the risks involved by vaping alcohol.

One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that absorption kinetics will take place at a faster rate when vaping. In other words, alcohol will be much faster absorbed into the organism when it is inhaled in the form of vapors. So, it is worth paying attention to how much and how often we choose to vape alcohol.