Our Wine Vault is a purveyor of wines from the finest wine producers of the world. We also offer only the most creative gift baskets for all occasions and clients.

White Wine:

Generally speaking, goes well with seafood, chicken, turkey, Chinese food and sometimes pork. They range in style from very dry to sweet and are usually not aged in wood barrels to preserve freshness and taste.

Red Wine:

Again, generally speaking, goes well with red meats such as beef, roasts and filets, lamb, duck, veal, pastas and sausages. These wines tend to be more dry and are slightly more acidic. Red wines are commonly aged in wood for a complex, deep flavor; or are produced with a light, fruity flavor. Pure grape juice being naturally clear, red wines gain their color from the skin of the grapes.

Sparkling Wine:

Modeled after Champagne, sparkling wines are made around the world. The best of them use the same method, with a second fermentation occurring in the bottle. Good sparklers come from other parts of France, Italy, Spain, Australia and California. These wines are crisp, lively, and full of apple and yeasty bread scents.

Gift Baskets:

Whether you are wishing a family member “A Happy Anniversary”, or a corporation wishing to express “Thanks” to a customer for their long patronage, nothing says you care like one of our Wine Baskets. Sending one of our baskets with a card (which we can include with your message) says you have good taste.