In order to recognize fine jewelry craftsmanship, you must be in the business for several years. The real talent and skill of a jeweler shines through in the results of his or her work. Whether you want a custom made piece or you want to repurpose your current setting into a new set, there is a jeweler that can help you.

Poison Ring
A poison ring is also known as a pill box ring. It is a ring with a container underneath the bezel or it could be found inside the bezel and it would be used to hold either poison or something else. Europeans made this type of ring popular in the sixteenth century. The poison ring would be filled with poison and then when an opportunity arrived, the poison would then be placed in the drink or the food of the enemy. The poison was also used on the owner of the ring if they had no other choice but to commit suicide or be captured or even tortured. Through the years, these rings have been used for other things in addition to poison. they were used for locks of hair, perfume, messages, keepsakes, and other important things they wanted to keep on hand at all times. In order to make the rings beautiful, artists would carefully paint portraits of those they loved. The portraits would then be placed inside the ring and the name of the ring eventually changed to a locket ring. At some point in the seventeenth century, this ring was shaped as a casket to be work as a reminder to the mourners.

If you want to find a poison ring for your finger, here are a few jewelers to check out:

1. Katja Designs located in the Healdsburg area
122 Matheson Street
Phone: 707-778-0411 Website:
Katia Designs works in silver, gold, platinum, and other precious as well as semi-precious stones.

2. Gold-N-Time Jewelers located in Petaluma
283 N. McDowell Blvd.
Phone: 707-778-1422 Website:
Gold-N-Time jewelers offers designer collections and an on-site jeweler who can appraise and repair jewelry. They offer both consignment and layaways

3. Gold Rush Jewelers located in Petaluma
385 So. McDowell Blvd.
Phone: 707-765-2111 Website:
Specializing in custom designs with an on-site jeweler who offers gems, repairs, and watch repairs too. They also offer appraisals.

4. Hollingsworth Jewelers Gallery in Petaluma
5 Petaluma Blvd N.
Phone: 707-763-6053 Website:
Specializing in designer jewelry and estate jewelry. Jeweler onsite to do repairs including watch repairs or battery replacement.

5. Rocklin Jewelry in Petaluma
5 Western Ave.
Phone: 707-762-8305 Website:
Specializing in custom designs including goldsmith and antique jewelry

6. Rohnert Park in Petaluna
6372 Commerce Blvd.
Phone: 707-586-2101 Website:
Specializing in custom design, gems, watch repair, and other repairs. On-site jeweler is also available to give appraisals too.

7. Bennett Valley Jewelers in Santa Rosa
2700 Yulupa Ave
Phone: 707-523-1333 Website:
Offering designer jewelry, repairs, watch repair, appraisals, and an on-site jeweler. Also available for free inspection and cleaning.

8. Darcy’s Fine Jewelers in Santa Rosa
50 Courthouse Square, Ste 301
Phone: 707-545-3957 Website:
Offering custom designs, repairing watches, appraisals, polishing, engraving, and buying and selling of gold

9. Design Jewelers of Santa Rosa
2420 Magowan Dr
Phone: 707-569-1314 Website:
Specializing in repairs, custom design, free cleaning and inspections. Also offering appraisals with an on-site jeweler

10. ER Sawyer Fine Jewelry, est. 1879 of Santa Rosa
638 4th street
Phone: 707-546-9372 Website:
Specializing in designer collections – gemologist and onsite jeweler for repairs, restoration, and appraisals

11. Gold Rush Jewelers of Santa Rosa
2240 Mendocino Ave.
Phone: 707-542-2101 Website:
Specializing in custom design, including an on-site jeweler offering repairs, appraisals, and gems

12. Hilton Gray Art of Jewelry in Santa Rosa
2429 Magowan Drive
Phone: 707-569-1314 Website:
Specializing in custom jewelry, and offering on site jeweler available for repairs, cleaning and inspection/appraisals

13. Larry Conover Jewelers of Santa Rosa
532 College Ave
Phone: 707-523-1968
Specializing in custom jewelry with an jeweler on-site offering repairs. Also buying gold and platinum

14. Loren O. Hovland of Santa Rosa
1400 Guerneville Rd. #B-6
Phone: 707-575-8635 Website:
Specializing in custom design, goldsmith, lapidary, and design and facet gem stones

15. Mara Shephard Designer Jewelry of Santa Rosa
350 Coddingtown Mall
Phone: 707-575-5700 Website:
Specializing in designer collections, repairs, restringing, on-site jeweler, gems, and appraisals

16. Mark Allen Jewelers of Santa Rosa
611 4th St.
Phone: 707-544-2635 Website:
Specializing in designer collections, gems, and repairs

17. Michael and Company Jewelers of Santa Rosa
90 Mark West Springs Road #120
Phone: 707-546-6873 Website:
Specializing in custom designs, appraisals, and repairs

18. Old Towne Jewelers of Santa Rosa
110 Calistoga Road
Phone: 707-539-7002 Website:
Specializing in custom design, repair, restoration, estate jewelry, watches and watch repair, collectables/ appraisals

19. David Allen Designs of Sebastopol
139 North Main Street
Phone: 707-861-9119 Website:
Specializing in gems, custom design, designer collection and restoration

20. Vineyard Jewelers of Sonoma
201 W. Napa Street #4
Phone: 707-996-2184 Website:
Specializing in watch repair, custom jewelry, estate jewelry, repairs, gems, bead stringing, appraisals, on-site jeweler

21. Devlin Design Studio of Windsor
8911 Lakewood Drive Ste 22C
Phone: 707-836-3029 Website:
Specializing in custom designs and goldsmith

22. Mark Shimizu Design of Windsor
9070 Windsor Road
Phone: 707-836-1840 Website:
Specializing in designer collections, custom designs, gems, and watches. Featuring an on-site jeweler for repairs and appraisals

23. Vintage Jewelers and Gifts of Windsor
8796 Lakewood Dr.
Phone: 707-838-1661 Website:
Specializing in custom design, gemologist, bead and pearl restringing, appraisals and repairs

Bring back history and create a beautiful poison ring for that special someone in your life. While its not used to store poison anymore, it is rich in history and can be a symbol of your love and devotion. The ring can hold a special memory that you share with each other.

What to Know Before Contacting a Jeweler
Before you contact a jeweler, you will want to know what size you will need the ring. You will also need to know what shape do you want the poison ring as they come in many different shapes from round and oval to rectangle. If she will store her pills in the ring, you may want to consider the rectangle. If she is going to wear it when she goes out, you may want to simply choose the round poison ring. You can also customize your own design and create a one-of-a-kind poison ring for her to wear. This one of of kind ring is something that she can wear around and boast about as she shows it off to all those who look at it and admire the design. Once you have the size, and you know what shape you want the ring to be, you can contact one of the jewelers listed above and begin your order. He/she will need to know the exact size of the finger in order to proceed with the order. If possible, take her with you when you order it so that she will know when she has a comfortable fit.

Because the size of the finger changes slightly for a woman sometimes, it may be more practical to take her for the first visit and then again one month after that in order to get a more accurate measurement. If her finger adjusts a size or more between months, you may want to consider a stretch ring band that will adjust to the changes in her finger size. When you are done sizing the ring, you will then have other choices to make including the stone. You can choose amethyst to black onyx. She may choose her birthstone instead. The possibilities are endless. You can get a design placed over the stone as well. This could be in the shape of a cross or a moon that is placed perfectly on the stone in order to create a complete look that pleases her. You may also want to stick to a traditional vintage look instead of a modern look for even more uniqueness.

poison ring

In the end, the poison ring will be hand designed by a jeweler that you selected to create a piece of art for the person you love and adore. The poison ring will be a reminder to her that you cared enough about her to create this unique ring that no one else has in their possession. While many of the rings look similar, not all of them have the same shape, size, and stone design as yours. The jeweler may be able to work with you to create the unique ring with a few drawings prior to starting on the actual design of it. The jeweler normally has the experience in making and creating this type of unique rings so talk to them first to see what they can do to help you create the p